How you can help the team

Lemmingball Z is a completely free game developed by enthusiastic fans of the Dragonball Z series. We have put this game online for free but we do need your help! Hosting this game costs money, and we are always in need of talent to help us create the best game in the world! :)

Here is how you can help us make LBZ big:

  • Tell us what you think in the comment boxes on the website: This helps up make the game better!
  • Tell your friends about this game OR post about it on your favorite social network: More players means more online play means more fun!
  • Donate your time and skill: Get in tough with us via email to be a part of the team and create stuff, we are looking for modelers, 2d artists, writers and community staff.
  • Donate money: Use the pay-pal button below to send us some extra love!

*income generated from these things goes directly into developing and supporting the game.

25 thoughts on “How you can help the team”

  1. when i try and let my freinds join my game and i vote yes the game says vote ended
    can u fix that

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