function	dbg_steptrough(int P0);		
//Step trough this script
function	dbghud(string P0,string P1);		
//Add debug information P1 to the fullperformancehud under name P0
function	die(string P0);		
//Kill current script and crash with error P0
function	exit();		
//(Exit LGS and return control to the game)
function	getHelp(string P0) return string ;		
//Get description for for function or symbol P0
function	getLevelEditorActive() return int ;		
//return true is level editor is active
function	getPerformanceData() return object ;		
//Retrieve information about performance graphs as an object
function	getRunningProcesses(object P0) return int ;		
//get all processes running on computer into object P0
function	getTmpFile(string P0) return string ;		
//Returns a filename for temporary file P0
function	inputNewKey(string P0);		
//(HTML ONLY) Captures current key from HTML keydown or keyup event and maps it to function P0
function	lastError() return string ;		
//returns a string with last error set by system
function	pop(var P0);		
//Pop P0 from the stack
function	push(var P0);		
//Push P0 on the stack
function	quit_cb9(int P0,string P1);		
//Quit the game with error code P0 and error message P1 (errorcode 0 ==success 777 === restart)
function	resetarray(var P0);		
//Reset values in array P0 to zero
function	sizeof(var P0) return int ;		
//return array size of P0
function	store_settings();		
//stores all configuration variables.
function	testout(string P0);		
//Output line P0 into test log (for lgstests.xml)