Lemmingball Z

Lemmingball Z is a fighting game for linux and windows, loosely based on `Dragonball Z` the hit anime. And when we say loosely based, we mean with a big twist. Instead off the normal characters from the anime, this game features cute LEMMINGS fighting DBZ style!

Main features

  • Destructible 3d terrain
  • Ability to add your own levels/characters/moves to the game
  • Multiplayer with 2-4 players online or local
  • Good old-fashioned Hot-seat play
  • Slow-motion, like in “The Matrix”
  • Fancy graphics, like cell-shading and stuff
  • Netplay, without configuring or hamachi
  • Stupid AI to practice with
  • Blood! lots of it! ?


LBZ was created somewhere at the end of 1999 and the start of 2000. It was my first try at making a game, up till then i only coded small utility’s/effects. LBZ was first written in Quick BASIC, for DOS and it had 800×600 resolution and sprites, and very basic gameplay. When the game became to big for basic, i ported it to PASCAL and then almost immediately to C++ (using OpenGL for graphics). After this LBZ quickly evolved, it got features like destructible terrain and slow-motion.

The future

LBZ is a bit of a “pet project”…. it will constantly evolve. I don’t plan on stopping with this, since it’s a lot of fun working on LBZ! Things i would like to create for LBZ in the future include:

  • Interactive levels, with scripts, triggered events
  • 100% mod-ability! Be able to mod any aspect of the game. 60% done.
  • Ports to most major game consoles

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  1. Hello, I just wanna say that i have found the perfect game i was looking for. This game has everything that the DBZ series has and I’ve spent weeks trying to find a game that allows you to transformation to super saiyan 1 through super saiyan 3! you can’t imagine the amount of mugen games that weren’t my type (i don’t even like mugen), BUT THIS ONE WAS THE ONE! I can’t thank you enough for making this game.

    These are requests that (in my opinion) will make the game even more awesome!
    -Transformation System, i know you have a transformation system but it would be awesome if you could let us have a choice to transform to what form we have available during battle. (like we can pick ss1, ss2 or ss3 during the battle) :)

    – Clashing White particles, http://yakuza-mob-roleplay.wikia.com/wiki/File:-Gohan-dragon-ball-z-35957343-500-281.gif (i don’t know what its called but here is a link. plus i don’t know if it goes against your rules to send links that are from other websites.) it would go great with it because if were to battle on the ground then we would destroy the ground while make the white particle clash. :)

    – More skills for each character, what i noticed while playing this gorgeous game was some of the characters i love, like goku and vegeta have the same special attack, (the arrow key skills.) it doesn’t really make the game fun with the same attack. :)

    But yeah, all in all this game is absolutely amazing!
    Please keep up with the great work! :)))))

  2. Good day,
    I’m going to go on a bit of a rant, dont take it personally tho because i really like you mate.
    Here goes: Why do you need to upgrade to OpenGL 3.3? I used to play this game quite a bit back when it was openGL 3.1, but now, when i came back to it, i find that i can’t play it because i have an Intel HD 3000 which only supports opengl 3.1. Yes i’ve read your reply to another man’s complaint about this but I still find it retarded that you had to upgrade. If one of your reasons is because 3.1 is “ancient” but by that logic you would have upgraded to at least 4.5 which was made in 2014. One of your points was that the people that cant run it because the drivers are locked away can just use linux instead. It is a valid point but why would I go through all that trouble just to download one game. I do understand that opengl 3.3 is faster and you can get better graphics, and that is fine but why don’t you add an option to choose what version you want to use? Or at least leave a download for older versions up.

    Those were just some of my complaints but don’t get the wrong idea i don’t hate the game or the devs, just kind of bummed that i cant play this game because of its new opengl version.

    1. Hi!

      Thx for your rant! I’ll reply bit by bit:

      I had to upgrade because:
      -Maintaining the old renderer was becoming a full-time job for me. (it was 2.1 + extensions BTW…) (Boat load of work to constantly fix all the weird bugs, and a fix for 1 guy meant a new bug for another…)
      -I agree i should update to 4.5 since that is latest, instead i tried to find a middle ground and go for a version that is easy to maintain but is till compatible with older hardware.
      -Option to use 3.3 means i have to maintain 2 renderers, one of which was already a full-time job.

      You talk about devs, but currently it’s dev… as in just me by myself… So i have very limited time and really hard choices to make.
      My advice for the future? if you want to game: buy something you can game on… If you don’t know about video-cards and stuff… stick to console’s… If you really want the lone dev of a project to support your videocard… maybe support him financially?

  3. I just want to say just the same thing as the last speaker. Lemmingball Z is a really awesome game and I can’t stop playing! A story mode would be a dream of course!

  4. you know, this is the first time I comment.
    right now I’m 27 yr old but I’ve been with LBZ from the start !
    I’m really impressed with the work you’ve done.
    I wish you the best of fortune and health ^_^
    thank you ;)

  5. An amazing game thanks for the great work.
    It needs a story mode for single player
    Keep up the great work

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