To download the game you have 2 options:
  1. Download the latest version straight from this website:

    Click to download

    about 120MB

  2. Go to indiedb to download an older version:


System requirements:

To play Lemmingball Z you need a computer with:

  • Windows Vista minimum. (Linux preferred)
  • A graphics processor with OpenGL 3.3 support (Preferably from AMD or NVIDIA, Intel supported from Intel HD4000)
  • 512MB of free ram
  • 2Ghz dual core processor

Recommended computer:

  • Linux is highly recommended (roughly 1.5 times faster), otherwise Windows 10 is recommended.
  • An NVIDIA Geforce 650 GTX or better videocard
  • 4GB of ram
  • Intel Core i5 or better processor

Lemmingball Z is completely free: check this page if you like it enough to support us!

112 thoughts on “downloads”

  1. Why is there only a 32 bits version for Linux ?
    I am using a 64 bits Linux, so we also need a 64 bits version for Linux please ! :)

  2. There’s a page on here that says that there is a MAC OS version but there isn’t a download link… I was wondering if it had been deleted or something?

  3. Why does it always take for ever to download? usually things on my computer are really easy to download.

  4. The game is not updating automatically. But the manual update doesnt work too. So the game isnt work. please help me

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