09-09-2011: long time no news, but a lot updates..

… coz we rather work on LBZ instead of writing about the progress, but you already know this ;)

30 new versions have been released since last news, and we already forgot most changes that have been done since then…

things we remember about the last time:
• Two new characters: android 19 and android 20 (aka Dr.Gero) have joined our ranks – including their ability to suck the opponents energy – we now have ALL major chars from the raditz, vegeta, freeza and android arcs – Qapla’
• We also added the power of Super Mario – we can jump now and deal uppercuts and brutal smashes into the ground (Stand on ground, use [Down, Up, Down] to jump). This move is available for all characters
• Animation upgrade: the characters now turn smoothly and wont skip to the other direction
• Enhanced updater: in the old days, we had a serious problem coz of a few limits of our updater – no more… space for even more characters and moves ;)
• new fileformat: the old .tga and .bmp formats got abandoned, making space for the much newer .png format – less download per update ;)
• little tribute to DBZ abriged… a little boost for piccolos personality each time you manage to frag with his [Down,Left,Right,Ki] move ;)

In progress:
• A new move for everyone at [Down,Right,Left,Kikey]
This new move is in most cases a medium ranged and very fast, almost instant, attack like a shotgun or a rush towards the opponent, but though its still in progress, everything can happen for the not-yet-done moves ;)
• new characters – no info about who it is ;)

Greetz: loozzer