In case you were wondering

I have been offline a lot lately, and when i am online, i am playing counterstrike…
So there have not been many updates lately. Sorry about that, looks like i hit a bit of a writers block…

Taking some time to figure things out!


(Will fix critical bugs and such…)

9022: superinstructions + fixes

Hi folks,

9022 is already online for a while, forgot to write about it….

New features:

  • Scripts are partially compiled to native code… meaning faster execution, especially for older CPU’s
  • XML includer now has ability to replace markers, making it more powerfull
  • New AI, now handled by LGS script instead of engine
  • Various scripting improvements
  • in-game editor has new features… check f1 for help.
  • Ability to add characters from LGS scripts. (feature require for upcoming stuff…)


  • Fixed a crash that was possible when scoring in online games
  • Various other tickets were fixed.


I’m gonna enjoy a little vacation, I’ll be back in a week.


Greetz, Menne