9022: superinstructions + fixes

Hi folks,

9022 is already online for a while, forgot to write about it….

New features:

  • Scripts are partially compiled to native code… meaning faster execution, especially for older CPU’s
  • XML includer now has ability to replace markers, making it more powerfull
  • New AI, now handled by LGS script instead of engine
  • Various scripting improvements
  • in-game editor has new features… check f1 for help.
  • Ability to add characters from LGS scripts. (feature require for upcoming stuff…)


  • Fixed a crash that was possible when scoring in online games
  • Various other tickets were fixed.


I’m gonna enjoy a little vacation, I’ll be back in a week.


Greetz, Menne

4 thoughts on “9022: superinstructions + fixes”

  1. hellonim having some trouble playing the game the _ASSERT(scoreBoardDoc); is false in lbz/cb9modules/gui/cb9rocket.cpp I really having trouble fixing this.

  2. Requiring registration for online play didn’t increase the amount of players at all now did it? HUE HUE HUE HUE HUE HUE HUE HUE If anything, it decreased.

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