24-08-2008: A new release! version 8426!

A new version of Lemmingball Z has been released.

This is considered an “in-between” release, it updates a few vital protocol/file formats.
After this release only bugfixes will be made available until the next BIG release.
This next release might take a long while, but will contain some exciting new stuff.

Anyhow: here is what you get:
• Bigger and better moves for each character •
• Rocks! pick em up, throw em. •
• A smoother network protocol •
• Shiney new HUD, easyer to read! •
• Auto-updater, LBZ will automaticly download updates! •
• Converted file formats to XML for easyer modding. •
• Redesigned input/windowing system •

For all modders out there:

Most of your mods will propably not work right away.
LBZ provides backwards-compatibility for each OLD file format, but the files are in different locations.
If you have questions about getting your mod to work with the new version, contact me at:

Have fun with this new release, and you will hear from us again soon!