27-12-2011: A Pirate and a Cop – Bojack and Birdy

Two more chars have been added:

– 2 : DoubleTrouble (double beam)
– 2+U: JailBreaker (a small ball with proximity detonation)
– 2+D: DestructiveWave ( a lot of balls that explode in a devastating wave)
– 1+2: Gank (Bojacks minions send wires from the sky to trap the opponent)
– DRLK: SparkWave
– DLRK: Rage

– 2 : EnergyCone (conic beam)
– 2+U: BirdBoom
– 2+D: JailMaker ( a ball that traps and damages the opponent)
– 1+2: Stringer ( catch the opponent with a net of stings)
– DRLK: FalconSpeed (rush towards opponent and slay him with mighty slashes)

Have Phun!

Greetz: loozzer