Revision 1544, 1545 and 1546

Rev 1546 (+ buff | – nerf | * change)
+ changed a few features on space map
– experiment on loozzer 2 – already noticed I did something wrong
– removed an accidentally uploaded experimental move from trunks
Rev 1545
+ added the textures i forgot in rev 1544
Rev 1544 (+ buff | – nerf | * change)
– Superpunch locks longer if it misses (= hits a non blocking, non locked player)
* Freeza 2+D knockout down a notch; the doubledisc is now spawned when one disc is already around
+ LeenaInverse: Shield fixed – it can reflect again
* SpaceballZ: full remake
* Sphere: gravity is now centered
* Alphatest: King Kais Planet – textures not done yet
+ Vegeta 2+D: added a second set of rings
~ Gotenks 2+D: cleanup
+ Buu: 1+2 buffed a bit
+ Dabura 2+D: speed up

Most important this time are probaly the new levels Kaiplanet and the remake of Spaceballz.
King Kais planet is a bit too big – it really looked smaller in the leveleditor…
The Spaceballz remake is probably the highlight coz it contains all important space locations of DBZ in this dimension:
– DBEarth
– a mocking moon
– remains of planet Arlia (where Nappa tried to catch the big pokemon)
– remains of planet Vegeta
– fake planet Namek
– real Planet namek
– the mirrorship
as well as a few non DBZ features:
– The WEDSTAR – as special gift to Menne and his wife we added a planet in earth orbit
– The Freeztar – as a home for Freeza and his men
– Omicron Persei VII – coz i do like Futurama
And as if it wasnt enough, we also placed two little DBZabriged storylines in the map