Version 8725, Revision 1580

Version 8725
– improvements on new GUI

Rev 1580 (+ buff | – nerf | ~small change or fix | * major change)
~ The Buus : beam (2) back to normal
* Guldo: 2+D is now a sneaky homingball attack: the balls slow down as long as the opponent is moving to strike as soon as he stops
* Guldo: 2+U is now a medium to big sized ball that flies fast at low and slow at high charge
+ Goku: 2+D rush at high energy buffed
* vegeta: 1+2 now converts all players energy into damage. The enemys energy is added to his defense
– Tien: 2+D clones got a bit slower
* Tien: 2+U is now a bigball
* Tien: 1+2 is now tribeam – note: 1+K after tribeam sets follow up explosions
* Tien: DRLK now lets tien throw a blinding solar flare
~ All: Kiballs got a bit smaller
– Bojack: energy bonds only disable actionkeys but do not stun completely anymore
+ Spaceballz: New background
+ Krillin: 1+2 now spawns up to 10 balls, depending on charge; and if transformed, they become deadly discs.
– Krillin 2+D : this will spawn only two homingballs in future; ideas for a new move are welcome
– Raditz: 1+2 knockout reduced
* GUI colors changed