Kakashi reboot

Long overdue, we decided to finally give Kakashi the upgrades he needs to fit the state of art: Three of his special attacks now work like jutsus in naruto, means they change their attributes with chargetime:

2 – Chidoribeam (we need this one to struggle with other players)
2+U – Fireball, Dragonflame, Inferno
2+D – Substitution, Shadowclone, Phalanx
1+2 – Shuriken, Wall of Blades, lightning Wolfpack

Though people dont like to read much (and i dont like to write much), I suggest you find out on your own what effects the single jutsus bring with them.

Other changes since the last news:
– Major changes in the scripting language allow changing the moves behaviour even after releasing it
– a few
– Kiball + Aura = faster movement towards opponent
– New class of moves: Area of effect moves
–>dodoria, evil buu: venomous clouds
–>guldo: field of frozen time
–>dabura: flamethrower
-> ginyu: poisonous homingballs will follow the opponent and damage on touch
– Shield now also reflects, making the old reflect obsulete
– Boomerang moves (used at… oh wait, the wielders are not released yet)

Weird things happening at the minor characters:
Some people may have noticed that some out our minor characters had weird changes in their movesets in last time, partially they now use moves that do not match them at all.
Since these minor characters never had real own movesets, we decided to use them for fieldtests of moves for new upcoming characters – have fun in testing them and guessing who could be who ;)