IronBulma wants you to vote!

We really wanted Bulma to be a part of LBZ…

If anyone can outsmart Tony Stark, it is of course Bulma.
So people should not be surprised to see her in an extremely improved fusion powered battlesuit.
Repulsor beams (2), a devastating NapalmLaucher(2+U), massive MissleLauchers (2+D) and mighty PulseBlasts(1+2) will show these high powered aliens that the earth is not without defense.
And if that ain´t enough, there is always the panic button (DRLK, then spam 1)…

We hope you will enjoy a nice Iron Man feeling in a decent Dragonball Z athmosphere

Oh… and please vote for us at IndieDB:

Bulma would be happy.. and we might be encouraged to push forward with the next chars to come ;)