8875: “Go forth and cache no more!” he said…

Hi folks,


Update 8875 has been released. This update includes a whole bunch of bugs fixes.

I refactored the engine to not use disc based cache anymore, the cache was causing problems and crashes and the speedup from cache was very little (saved 2 seconds startup time).

Also, most of the string usage now uses more modern c++ styled strings instead of char * arrays.

For the team i included:

  • Better move positioning handling: engine will not override your settings anymore.
  • Word highlighting in the editor. (click a word in LGS, it highlights.)
  • Move graphics can now be defined in move XML with a single <graphic> tag… and inlining LGS works here.
  • Re-did water rendering to stop it from crashing on 32Bit systems.

Long story short: Game should be more stable now, enjoy!