8882: Less crashes, more speed.

Hi folks!

Just a quick update:


  • More speed @ startup (5 seconds on a proper linux machine)
  • Network protocol timeout, if communication goes wrong, the match gets ended instead of confusing and weird.


The following problems were fixed:

  • A crash at the “upgrading” screen was fixed, if you cant update, see https://lbz3d.com/updaterfix
  • Crash when using certain moves that utilize the damageplayer function
  • Window can open off-screen
  • A potential crash when logging into the chatroom
  • A crash when exiting a level has been addressed  Sadly, this one still happens
  • Network protocol error resulting in communication breakdown on levels with destruction
  • Some event scripts were called wrong, this crashed, now it just stops the script.


Hope this helps some of the folks  that had to deal with a crashing game!


7 thoughts on “8882: Less crashes, more speed.”

  1. in the 8882 update i cant use the over9000k option for the game it just goes back to 500k by itself why and can i fix it?

      1. using legendary gamemode didn’t fix it and also i really like all the talking and helping you do with your fans i think its really great

        1. Hi, what power level are you getting in that game mode? It should be high, but getting to 9000k would require charging and transforming. The setting in the menu is the upper limit. Not what you get. (There never was an option to get 9000k right from the start) also, thanks for your kind words. We are trying to be a bit more communicative, which is hard because we’re are nerds…. :)

          1. with charging and transformation it gets to 662 and when ever i do select the over900k setting when i get in the game there’s a little exclamation mark in a red box that says ”could not find variable startpl_max im not sure if that will have anything to do with it but its there and no problem with the kind words i really like the game and think you guys are pretty cool with how you go about with your fans,btw really great game as well

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