Unlock your hidden potential

During the last time, the game has become faster and faster.

This is a lot fun for many people, but newbies have real troubles with it, since the higher speed also drains energy a lot faster.

The unfortunate side-effect: Newbies manged to suicide over and over again, by spamming moves, by spamming zaps.. or simply by not taking care for their energy.

And I have to admit it: I can not stand this anymore.

From now on, if you can not pay for your moves, they will either be aborted or, if they are already powered up enough, released before they damage the user.

For the more advanced players, we added the move “Unlock”, which will allow you to use your health to substitute for energy like you already know it.

Read the help(F1) to find out how to unlock your characters hidden potential.


Also, the disabled characters Superlem, Leena Inverse and Iron Bulma are back, together with Beers as new one :D


share and enjoy!