Houston… we have a baby…

Hi folks!

Just posting to let you all know my wife gave birth to our first son. Mother and baby are both fine!

Of course this means a little less nerd-time for me, and a bit more father time. Next update may take a bit longer!

We are a very happy family!

PS: next update is going to be a big one! ?

9 thoughts on “Houston… we have a baby…”

  1. well guess i’m the uncle just call me uncle marcul like mar-cool but in marcul so ya
    how is david doing

    1. David is doing everything a newborn should…. drink, cry, sleep, grow :)
      We on the other hand are operating on the bare minimum of sleep ;)

      1. I would sympathies with you, buuut I’m 15 and don’t know, or plan on knowing for a long time, what being a father is like. I hope your baby grows strong though! :)

      2. p.s. Don’t worry about the update too much. also, if you would, can you make a video showing how to start up the moding mode. I tried following the direction in the files but it wouldn’t work.

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