8952: 1st half of update landed


Engine update 8952 is up.

This is the 1st released version with:

  • New OpenGL  renderer backend! (speeeed) :)
  • Speedy particles (100.000 should not be a problem now…)
  • New models in new format (some animation still need tweaking/fixes)
  • Network protocol updates, errors with out of sync moves are prevented now.

I am still working out some kinks, so it is not 100% ready yet, more updates to follow!

Known issues:

  • Some video cards (pre-2010 computers…) may require a driver update to keep working… no new hardware needs to be bought though! :)
  • A lot of the new promised speed seems lost for the windows version: reason: something weird is happening in the GUI code. (Working on it!)
  • Not all models have been converted, the engine is complaining about that on the console.
  • Some animations have been incorrectly converted/named: will fix!
  • You may get “Division by zero” crashes. this is due to some LGS script dividing by zero!

3 thoughts on “8952: 1st half of update landed”

  1. The Graphic Card Intel HD 3000 is incompatible whit this new version Dx
    It’s old, so no new Drivers… Any way to use other OpenGL Renderer?

    1. I was up early this morning searching for a solution to this problem.
      While the hardware could clearly support opengl 3.3, Intel decided not to update the drivers for the 2nd generation Intel Core processors with integrated graphics (HD3000).
      Ironicly: intel HD2500 and HD4000 (3rd gen intel core) do work…

      There are some emulation dll’s you could use, but they do not offer the speed required to play this game.

      So i am sorry, but i do not have an immediate solution. will continue investigating in spare time.

      EDIT: Hi! just discovered that on UBUNTU the HD3000 does have the required opengl support. If you install ubuntu (perhaps dual boot windows/ubuntu) you can play this game.
      I can help you set the game up if you need it…

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