Mother of all updates! :)

Hi folks!

All these sleepless nights caring for my little boy bring a lot of ideas.

I have been working on the next update of the game engine:

These are things i have done so far:

  • The renderer is now completely OpenGL “Core profile”, no more deprecated (old) functionality! (And perhaps in future: android support?)
  • Fixed a lot of stutters in the rendering, game feels a lot smoother now.
  • Many more frames per second…
  • Lower cost to do particles…. 2000 particles were a lot for the previous version…. tested to 100.000 particles with the next! :D
  • New network protocol features to make network play smoother.

This is what i am still working on:

  • discovered that the old models (MDL) render very very slow… more then 50% of CPU is wasted on this: so i am converting old models to new models.
  • Tuning and testing of all the new code… it’s a big update… so a lot of testing!





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