Updater crashing.


We have a bit of trouble with the updater, our hoster seems to have installed a new firewall that seems to be blocking LBZ’s update requests.
We are working with the hoster to get this fixed ASAP.

Greetz, Menne


PS: start the game with –noupdate parameter to get in!

PSPS: Problem is fixed already! Hoster had amazingly fast response times!

11 thoughts on “Updater crashing.”

  1. My wont even start it says it can’t because the fmodex.dll is missing even though its right below the data folder. Is there a fix?

  2. It tells me the fmodex isn’t installed on the pc but it’s legit right above the exe what do i do?

      1. so is there any chance u can add new characters like whis,ssj god goku and vegeta?

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