8870: normal maps and code signing


I released version 8870 into the automatic updater, this version calculates normals differently for the new model system, resulting in better lighting. Also the news button in the main menu will now take you to this website!
New versions of Lemmingball Z are now also code signed by me. This means that when you get a popup about “unknown software” on windows 7 or 8, you can verify that it was published by me (Menne Kamminga). Code signing ensures the executables are published by me and not modified by evil people. For windows 8, you might get a “smart screen” popup that the game is blocked, to get past it you click the “More info” link to the left, verify that the publisher is “Menne Kamminga” and only then click run! :)

I also notice that a lot of people are still stuck on version 8838: please check out this post to get to the latest version!

As always, good luck and have fun!