Preparing for 9001

Some might have noticed that we already reached version 9000.

So we are preparing something a bit bigger then the common update…

Currently in progress and public beta:

  • New transformations.. lots of it – and more to come.
  • An account system with leaderboards:
  • – Unregistered players will have only access to SSJ transformation
  • – registered players gain access to SSJ and SSJ3 transformations
  • – registered players whose leaderboard ranking exceeds novice class gain access to ssj 3 and god transformations
  • – registered players whose leaderboard ranking exceeds intermediate class gain access to god  and ssj god transformations

-> the account beta is already runing, the latest content update will give you instructions on how to activate it.

Note: we are currently trying to figure out what score palyers need for the single classes

Currently in progress and not in public access:

  • new light&shadow system
  • performance upgrades
  • networking upgrades
  • a new character with at least 3 transformations – no promises we get him done for 9001
  • ==> EDIT: Sorry, I wont make it in time – i underestimated the char and need to watch a bit more anime to get it done properly
  • improved help tables for all chars… but these are even less likely then the new char…sorry

so long!



5 thoughts on “Preparing for 9001”

      1. As someone who pretty much exclusively plays local play with friends, unless I’m missing something, to me this just seems like it’s limiting transformations to not even people who play online, but people who play online -a lot-.

        Or in other terms, the first thing listen in the in progress list is “lots of new transformations”, then immediately afterwards is more or less “but you have to be on the leaderboard to use most of them”.

      2. (Unless this only applies to network play, but I just tried it in local play and it doesn’t work there so I’m probably not missing something here)

        1. Good point, well see about it :) As said, it is a beta thing.

          About “being on the leaderboard”…. we never said you had to play “a lot” to get the required points…
          1 good match could be enough… The leaderboard is there purely for entertainment, and the point system tries very hard to reward actual skill, and not “hours played”.

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